Founder of U.D.E.F

Mr. Yashpal Soni is a great admirer of Lord Shiva. Born on 2nd Feb 1962 in Delhi, granted as "Jyotishi Research Scholar", Mr. Yashpal Soni is a holder of Human Philosophy degree.

He strongly believes that God gives us a divine power and I realized that I had something unique, a god gifted supernaturality, that thought in my mind stimulate god grace in me. I wanted to become a Mechanical Engineer. And keep in mind that seeking after for the Diploma in Mechanical Designing, I frequently used to study palms and horoscopes of my friends to forecast about their life incidents. In those days I used to mediate Lord Shiva consistently. And I believe by the blessings of Lord Shiva just I was so exact in my predictions that I decide to take astrology as a full time career.

Because of his scientific academic background and nature to investigate the subject in a deep way, Mr. Yashpal Soni has spent a quite long time in the study of Astrology, Palmistry, Vaastu Shastra, Numerology, meditation, color therapy, planets therapy, gemology.

Having more than 22 years of experience crossing over different levels of astrology, he deeply studied a lot of Hindu Shastras to enhance his Vedic knowledge Aside from the traditional remedies (Mantra Chanting, suggesting Gems and different Anushthaanaas) he also utilizes other natural and supernatural treatments as a healing procedure like, Pyramid Therapy, Yantra Therapy, and Telepathy and so on.

He is a straightforward man who adores his family and has a firm belief that our present life is controlled by the karmas of our last life and our present life karmas may impact our present and next life. So I pray to God to shower the infinite grace over mankind to get them on the correct path… the path of truth… the path of love… the path of sympathy and charity.

He feels the honor by giving my services to divine Energy foundation). I personally believe that the site is created with a genuine aim of serving mankind.

May Lord Shiva favor all . . . ! ! !