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This is the fourth Chakra in cycle of the body. Its called Anahat Chakra or Heart Chakra. The element of the Chakra is Air and colour is Green it's location is near to heart. The quality of the Chakra is love. The imbalance Chakra leads  feel isolation,  heart diseases, asthma, high BP, low BP, allergies etc.

Fragrances, For Anahat Chakra or Heart Chakra
Rose, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Eucalyptus, Jasmine. 


Rose  : Release endorphins decreases anxiety & stress, relieve depression. 


Lavender : Anti anxiety, anti depression, best for meditation. 

Jasmine : Improving mood, overcoming stress, balance harmons, relieve depression, anxiety, insomnia. 

Ylang Ylang : Promotes intuition & will power, mood boosting & calmness of mind. 


Eucalyptus : Heal clear the airways relese chest tightness.