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Vastu, the word originates from SANSKRIT, meaning a dwelling or a house with a corresponding plot of land. Hence the word Vastu translates to ‘Science of Architecture’. It utilizes Geometric patterns, symmetry, and directional alignments and integrates those aspects of architecture into nature for the layout and design of homes, towns, gardens, works, shops, buildings, etc. that are in perfect harmony with all the elements of nature.

To put it simply, VASTU is a collection of concepts that are not rigid, but are models for the arrangement of space and form within a structure (Building, House, or structure) based on their functions about each other and their usage individually that might impact the other.

Vastu’s origin can be traced back to 5000 years ago when men first started to interact with nature. Vastu in modern times symbolizes a scientific process that helps people take full advantage of the benefits of elements of nature through energy fields. It leads to enhanced wealth, health, prosperity, and happiness.

So, how can Vastu help us in making our lives better and secure?

Rules Of Vastu:

People can take benefits of Vastu in different ways. The primary rules that govern the science of Vastu are related to directions and elements.

here are eight directions as per Vastu, meaning eight different things in life and if the right energy is applied to these eight directions, one stands to gain and benefit from the eight energies or directions. There are specific rules for each direction stipulated in Vastu.

The concept of five elements or Panchbhootas; is a very well-known concept throughout the world. As one is aware, we are made up of five elements, namely: Water, Fire, air, ether, and earth. If a house makes proper use of the five elements, all the benefits of the elements are reflected within the house.

Need Of Vastu:

In a constantly evolving world, where science and technology have completely taken over every aspect of our lives, it is important to understand the energies and directions that have made us who we are today. Humans are complex beings and without a doubt need solar, cosmic, and lunar energy to function to their full potential.

Vastu is a link to those elements that harness the energy of directions so that positive cosmic energy can be channeled into one’s life.

The use of Vastu can certainly bring material and financial well-being, however, its benefits encompass all aspects of human life to bring harmony with nature.

Importance Of Vastu

Home is a place where human beings spend quality time with their family and is the source of joy. In any building, each direction is dominated by one element. An imbalanced direction affects negatively and affects the whole house.

To cite an example, an underground water source in the south zone will cause anxiety and disturb sleep. A fireplace in the north zone which is the zone of water can affect and impact the flow of opportunities in the house. The imbalanced state of elements directly impacts the well-being of the house.

Vastu is not a set of rules that should dominate the house in its entirety but it is a delicate link that connects any building to the five elements that are present in every aspect of nature. Nature does not ignore it and there is an intangible link that connects each element in harmony. Buildings and homes that are not by Vastu somehow miss that link that nature has woven so well. With the right knowledge and guidance, Vastu can realize the true potential of a house.



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