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Numerology is the study of numbers in one’s life. It is often described as the study of the numerical values of the letters or alphabets, names, and ideas. All creation can be explained in numerical terms and hence it is described as a universal language of numbers.

In order to understand Numerology, it is prudent to look into its history and its different manifestations: Numerology by name like personality number, Power number and Numerology by Date of birth like birthday number, life path number.

Since time immemorial we have been using numerology to discover the hidden meanings of the world. Pythagoras devised a way of assigning number to the letters and this system began to be called Pythagorean Number system.

Similar to astrology wherein your place and time of birth is significant, in numerology the numerologist reveals your strengths, weaknesses and who you could become by laying out your numerological chart. Through name numerology, the quantitative values of numbers associated with each letter is deduced and decoded by the numerologist to denote certain aspects of one’s personality.

Numerological reading involves tedious calculations that can go into many layers to determine what meaning a set of number signifies. Starting out with your name and then proceeding to your date of birth, an experienced numerologist will draw out your numerology chart and provide you the right direction in your life for your complete well-being. This is a combination of your Life Path Number, Birthday Number, Soul Urge Number, Expression Number, and Personality Number.

Expression number dwells into your desire and personal goal and is often called as your destiny number. It is calculated by converting your full name into numbers using Pythagoras chart. It defines who you are and is a very important number.

Similarly soul urge number defines your true-self, your heart desire and it is calculated by the vowels in your name. Personality urge number is calculated through consonants.


We all are not just born in this world without any meaning but with a defined purpose. Numerology and its calculations help us find the purpose and act on it.

Through Numerology, you can truly ascertain your strength and weaknesses, and knowing what to do and what not to in your life.

Science of numerology shows you the inherent barriers in your growth and how to correct them.

There are deep, powerful feelings that define who you are, are hard to comprehend without any skilled help. Numerology helps us understand the ‘energy of our life’ and to achieve our true goal in the scheme of things. Experienced numerologist will help you towards the path of well-being and fulfillment in life.