The word Reiki derives from two Japanese words: rei, which means universal, and ki, which means life energy. Reiki healing is a technique which explains what our universe is and how its functionality. It might be the presence of energy encoded into the hereditary in all Gods creature. Reiki is self-relationship with the universal power that revives in every single living being. We are altogether brought into the world with the omniscient insight to cure and protect life, with every living thing associated by the Universal Life Force.

UDEF the healer foundation assists to enables the benefit to assume the responsibility for this procedure, as the one getting the treatment encourages the ability to heal. The body's natural wisdom adopts how much and where to coordinate the Reiki healing energy. It also decreases the occurrence of routine life related stress.It is an effective medium for focusing, calming, adjusting, recapturing clearness and focus, just to increase efficiency.

Healing by hands can be offered offers by reiki masters which cure the sensitive issues of mentally as well as physically. Reiki symbols have extraordinary four characters which help to regain the energy in the human body. The symbols are:

Cho Ku Rei is the symbol of intensity or power. Despite the fact that Reiki energy can flow without it, the symbols produce the source of energy.

Sei He Ki is the symbols that reflect the relationship issues. It shows mental and emotional healing.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is known as the distance symbols. it utilized to transfer the energy from distance. This can be used for transmitting energy into the past and future also.

Ko Myo is the Matter Symbol. It is viewed as the Light of the Buddha or the Light of the Awakened Heart. This is an extremely powerful symbol.

Our reiki in Delhi center focus to attaining a phase that resolves the issues and changes the future requests that a seeker gets ready for more than five-year journey of actual practice, and another five to ten years of real practice. This is one of the best center reiki in India which manages more than twenty years of status. which serve the emotional, mental, and spiritual practice, the points of view that control a persons life, is the initial step along The Path.


You discover various positive perspectives to move forward, with a regular Reiki treatment.

1. Reiki gives deep relaxation.

2. Reiki gives the path of your imbalance thoughts.

2. Reiki stimulates the positive energy if you feel drained.

4. Reiki centers your thoughts and helps to deal with the negative circumstances.

5. Reiki accelerates natural healing in your body.

6. Reiki slowly clears up chronic troubles.

7. Reiki helps keeps the improvement of disease.

8. Reiki detoxifies the body.

9. Reiki cure the emotional wounds.

10. Reiki expands the vibrational frequency in the body.

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