The term Vastu is one of the established traditional Indian science. Hindu exploration of vastu shastra is notable around the world. The standards of Vastu, center around the directional alignments. Vastu for house is prime considered by numerous individuals over the present world. Home enhancement is the essential part of human being and it should not be left ignored. Many time, seems that people go through a lot of trouble because of Vastu dosh. that's why the huge number of people build their house as per the standards of Vastu Shastra. Proper implementation of Vastu Shastra for home conduct vast inflow of positive energy. it significant of solar energy, cosmic energy and many more. Vastu for house focus on bringing positive energies into your home through the use of various vastu applications. Vastu for home covers each and everything like direction of the home, where the yantras placed at home, placement of doors and windows, which things to keep at home, which things to get rid of, the right alignments, colours, themes etc all covered in the zone of vastu shastra. A fruitful implementation of vastu principles will bring huge constructive change, peace, success and happiness lots of peoples lives.

According to Vastu consultant in Delhi the standards of Vastu are applicable everywhere even the workplace. Large entrance is very desirable according to the Vastu for office because large entrance not only engine positive energy but also lends an impression of spaciousness. Which has a positive influence on employees and visitors. Avoid placing fire elements in the entrance. False arrangement of colors, lodes, furniture and setting specific objects can eliminate negative energies in the office. In Vastu Shastra provides specific guidelines for each location so they reap maximum gains. The main ideology behind Vastu for office is to create such an architectural foundation for a workplace so that positive energy gets circulated and the negative energy vanishes out.

Vastu Tips

1. Place the Mandir in the Northeast direction of the house.

2. Keep the Northeast place clean and weightless.

3. Keep any water element at house or workplace in the Northeast direction.

4. Underground water tanks are preferable in the Northeast direction.

5. Toilets are so much harmful in Northeast zone.

6. Avoid fire elements from the Northeast place.

7. Maximum usage of light shades for calm and happiness.

8. Placed plants in North zone bring prosperities.

9. Water boring/well is so much harmful in Southwest direction.

10. Avoid staircase in Northeast direction.

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